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The Artist


Kiran Bhulabhai Chitara

8th Generation Artist 

Notional Award 2005

Mata ni Pachedi Chitara Kiran is a talented artist known for her intricate and vibrant artworks in the traditional Indian art form of "Mata ni Pachedi." With masterful skill, she brings to life the divine stories and folklore of Hindu goddesses, creating captivating pieces that blend history, culture, and spirituality.


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The Chitara Family

Unveiling the Legacy of Mata ni Pachedi: A Timeless Art Exhibition

Step into a world of enchantment and cultural splendor as we showcase the illustrious artistry of Mata ni Pachedi. This captivating exhibition takes you on a journey through generations, preserving ancient narratives of Hindu goddesses with intricate details and vibrant hues. Immerse yourself in the artistic legacy that continues to thrive, connecting past and present in a harmonious display of tradition and creativity. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Mata ni Pachedi's heritage and the unwavering passion of the artists who bring it to life.

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Om Kiranbhai Chitara

9th Generation youngest Artist

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Om Chitara, a prodigious young talent, holds the distinction of being the youngest artist in his lineage. Despite his tender age, he exhibits exceptional skill and dedication in preserving and advancing the revered art form of "Mata ni Pachedi." Om's artistic prowess at such a young age promises a bright and inspiring future for the traditional art form.

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